reality is a lovely place but i wouldnt wanna live there.

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She is out there. My Cinderella. She is real. She exists. I pray for her constantly. May God satisfy the desires of her heart, draw her close, consume her. May He claim her passions, her identity, her refuge, her hopes, her strengths and weaknesses, every fiber of her being. May she treasure and cherish her Savior more than anything of this world and cling to His will with every ounce of her stamina. By all that she is, does, and strives to be, may He draw near to her and she to Him. Adam Young (Owl City)

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What goes on in my pretty, little head...: ENCHANTED ♫♫♫♫


Taylor Swift’ s message to Adam Young (vocalist of Owl City) :

Im wonder-struck, dancing around all alone.

I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew wondering.

I was enchanted to meet you.

Please don’t be inlove with someone else.

Please don’t have somebody waiting on you.

Adam Young’…

I’ve been longing for daisies to push through the floor
I wish plant life would grow all around me so I won’t feel dead anymore.
Adam Young (via satsujin-kono-kokoro)

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